The Thing #2: Abusement Park

Writer: Dan Slott
Penciller: Andrea Di Vito
Inker: Andrea Di Vito
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Colorist: Laura Villari
Editor: Tom Brevoort

Guest Shots:
      Alicia Masters, Arlo North, Carlotta LaRosa, Tony Stark, Constrictor, Nighthawk

The Villains:
      Arcade, Miss Locke, Mr. Chambers, Brynocki, Arcade's Hulk robots

The Set Up:
     A fairly simple set-up: Ben, Tony Stark, Nighthawk, the Constrictor, and the other attendees of Irma Roberts' party are all kidnapped and stuck on Arcade's island Murderland. The rules all boil down to this: they all have to escape together or die. Let the games begin!

Clobberin' Time?:
     Some serious clobbering in those last few pages, but no official battle cry here...

Petunia's Patch:
     No Petunia either. What kind of book is this? :)

Things of Interest:
     This is the second issue in a three-part story, with the arc titled "Fun 'N' Games."
     The celebrity cameos from the previous issue continue a little bit, as at one point we get a Jennifer Garner look-a-like screaming "Oh my god! We're all gonna die here."
     Locke's assistant Mr. Chambers is misidentified as Mr. Chamber here.
     Some nice touches include the Enchanted Forest... of Death (the heavily armed beaver is a particularly bizarre nice touch), and the Marvel Island of Misadventure.
     Our esteemed writer apparently felt that Hulk vs. Thing was a necessary part of the history to resurrect, and I like the various Hulk robots. Of course, this fight gets better next issue...