Marvel Two-in-One #63: Suffer Not a Warlock to Live!

Writer: Mark Gruenwald
Penciller: Jerry Bingham
Inker: Gene Day
Letterer: Joe Rosen
Colorist: Rog Slifer
Editor: Jim Salicrup

The Guest Star:

The Villain:
      none, per se

Guest Shots:
      the High Evolutionary; Her; Starhawk; Aleta; Moondragon

The Set Up:
      In the High Evolutionary's ship (the moon of Counter-Earth), our entire cast has come to the current location of Counter-Earth after tracking it across the galaxy. Counter-Earth is in stasis, being towed by a number of ships which seem to be orbiting it.
     Starhwak, her, and Moondragon beam over to the control ship (Ben remains behind with Alicia, so as to keep her safe), which is staffed by a cast of green giants. The commander of the giants beams Ben, Alicia, and the High Evolutionary over to the same control ship, and discussions begin as to the fate of Counter-Earth...

Clobberin' Time?:

Petunia's Patch:

Things of Interest:
      This story clears up a lot of the loose ends left at the end of Warlock's own series (and his life). Though interesting on its own, this story works best for those who have read and were fans of the Warlock series- a lot of these 'mysteries' won't mean much to anyone else, and Counter-Earth is pretty much taken out of play in the Marvel universe forever (well, at least for twenty years so far) at the end of this issue. In Warlock and the Infinity Watch #4 (in the 1990s) we learn that Counter-Earth was destroyed behind the scenes during the Infinity Gauntlet series.
     A couple side notes- Adam Warlock doesn't appear again in the Marvel universe for many many years after this, until brought back by Jim Starlin (who wrote the Warlock series and Warlock's death) in the Silver Surfer series in the mid 1990s. The Warlock series referred to in these notes is the first Warlock series, of course.
     A new Counter-Earth was created by Franklin Richards at the end of the Heroes Return stories of the late 1990s. That Counter-Earth bears no relation to the original, at least so far as we've been told.