Marvel Two-in-One #62: The Taking of Counter-Earth!

Writer: Mark Gruenwald
Penciller: Jerry Bingham
Inker: Gene Day
Letterer: Joe Rosen
Colorist: George Roussos
Editor: Jim Salicrup

The Guest Star:

The Villain:

Guest Shots:
      Starhawk; Aleta; the High Evolutionary

The Set Up:
      With Moondragon having flown away in her starship with Her and Alicia Masters in two, Ben and Starhawk return to the Baxter Building seeking transport of their own. They take a Skrull Saucer, and with Starhawk's advanced senses to guide them, set out after the women.
     Her is seeking Adam Warlock's grave, which is, as Moondragon related, on Counter-Earth. Counter-Earth, however, seems to be missing. Its artificial moon is still there, however, and so the three seek answers there. They soon find the empty armor of he who created Counter-Earth (and its moon)- the High Evolutionary. Before they can do much more, Ben and Starhawk arrive, and battle is joined. Alicia, with her head in a space helmet, is unable to make herself heard. Eventually, Alicia makes herself heard, and the fight is stopped, though somewhere in the process Starhawk has changed to his female alter-ego, Aleta. Eventually, the whole group turns its efforts to trying to find out what happened to the High Evolutionary...

Clobberin' Time?:

Petunia's Patch:

Things of Interest:

     Questionable taste theatre: In a fairly infamous scene, Ben gives Moondragon a little "punishment" ---

     The High Evolutionary is a human being who has experimented with creating new and more evolved forms of life. One of his creations (in Marvel Premiere 1) was Counter-Earth, a planet which revolved in the same orbit as Earth but exactly opposite it in its orbit around the sun, so as to never be visible to Earth.
     The High Evolutionary had been killed by Adam Warlock in Warlock 14, as discussed in this story.
     Starhawk is actually a composite being- the merged form of two individuals, Stakar and Aleta. Occasionally Starhawk actually physically and mentally metamorphosises into Aleta, as he does in this issue.
     This issue also has the yearly sales figures in it. Total Distribution (E) is listed as averaging 181,326 issues over the previous year.