Marvel Two-in-One #32: And Only the Invisible Girl Can Save Us Now!

Writer: Marv Wolfman
Penciller: Ron Wilson
Inker: Pablo Marcos
Letterer: J. Costanza
Colorist: Janice Cohen
Editor: Marv Wolfman

The Guest Star:
      Invisible Girl

The Villain:
      a hideously mutated spidery Alicia Masters; Hydra

Guest Shots:

The Set Up:
      The spider-Alicia has Ben trapped in a web and is moving in for the kill when Spider-woman leaps in from behind to save him. Hydra, watching from afar, is more than a little unhappy with this, and orders Alicia to kill Spider-woman instead. After he frees himself, Ben wades into the fight to protect Alicia from Spider-woman, but S-W tells him that Alicia's increased metabolism could well kill her if they don't stop her soon. The two try to lead Alicia outside, and while S-W lures her into the air, Ben makes a phone call to the Baxter Building for help.
     Meanwhile, our mysterious burglars from the last several issues have finally found their mysterius treasure chest. With a welding torch, they manage to open the box, only to be sucked inside it in a flash of light. Oops.
     Ben rejoins the struggle, to find Spider-woman completely encased in webbing, and the British police going after spider-Alicia. Ben find hiself stuck in the middle- he's trying to protect Alicia from the police, and himself, Spider-woman, and everyone else from Alicia. Seeing a weird device on her forehead, Bens rips it off, which removes her from Hydra's control but still leaves her as a berserk monster. After a quick cutaway to a Hydra agent paying the price for his failure, we return to the fight, where the Invisible Girl has just arrived from America after Ben's phone call earlier in the issue...

Clobberin' Time?:
      I told ya last time- it's Alicia! No Clobberin'!

Petunia's Patch:
      No Petunia either.

Things of Interest:
      Yup, as previously mentioned, its still the "my lover my enemy" syndrome.
     I'd also like to take issue with the standard pattern of attaching your mind control device in a highly visible spot on the center of your victim's forehead. "Hmmm. My lover is trying to kill me. There's a weird mechanical device on their forehead. What should I do?" At least this issue makes up for it a little by leaving her an out-of-control raging monster once it comes off...