Marvel Two-in-One #8: Silent Night... Deadly Night!

Writer: Steve Gerber
Artists: Sal Buscema, Mike Esposito
Letterer: Charlotte Jetter
Colorist: George Roussos
Editor: Len Wein

The Guest Star:
      Ghost Rider

The Villain:
      Miracle Man

Guest Shots:
      Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, Human Torch, Medusa, Wundarr, Namorita, Franklin Richards, Wyatt Wingfoot

The Set Up:
      Ghost Rider rides through a dark Arizona desert on Christmas Eve, 1974, only to come across... three wise men on camels. The wise men tell GR that they're three kings following a blazing star seeking the child of prophecy. Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider) is a mite puzzled, and decides to investigate, leaving the men and their camels behind him.
     In the Baxter Building, Ben is helping out Reed (Mr. Fantastic), in his lab, and griping about Reed's working even on Christmas Eve. Reed is fascinated by the new star. Ben heads downstairs, and join the FF's Christmas party, where pretty much the whole guest list above excepting Wyatt (but plus Alicia Masters and Annie Christopher, Namorita's roommate) is enjoying the holiday. They activate Reed's XMas surprise, and discover that his Christmas tree decorating pretty much outdoes the fourth of July, much to Ben's amusement.
     Back in Arizona, Ghost Rider has made it to a middle eastern city, populated by American Indians in semitic clothing. We recognize (though GR doesn't) the innkeeper as Wyatt Wingfoot, and GR is driven away from the manger by a mysterious dark figure who creates a whirlwind out of thin air.
     Meanwhile, Ben has gone back up to get Reed, who's figured out that something is up in Arizona. Reed wants to head out to investigate, but Ben forces him to go down and join his wife and son at the party, and heads out to investigate the mystery in Arizona himself. Arriving in Arizona, Ben sees a flare burning on a hill, and heads for it. The 'flare' is actually Ghost Rider, and after introductons, the two commandeer some camels and clothes and head for town...

Clobberin' Time?:
      Pg 31, panel 4. Ben throws sand in the Miracle Man's eyes to blind him. "Don't bother to to wipe the gunk from yer face, M.M.-- I'm about to do it for ya! See-- It's Clobberin' Time!"

Petunia's Patch:
      Nope. Still no Petunia. I get the impression that Mr. Gerber wasn't an Aunt Petunia fan.

Unofficial Index:
      The Thing and Human Torch appear here between Giant Size Fantastic Four #4 and Marvel Team-Up #32. Mr. Fantastic appears here between GSFF #4 and MTIO #9. Medusa and Alicia Masters appear here between GSFF #4 and FF #158. The Invisible Girl appears here between FF #152 and MTIO #9; Franklin Richards is between FF issues #152 and #163. Namorita, Annie Christopher, and Wundarr all last appeared in MTIO #4, and next appear in MTIO #9. If anyone cares, that overall order breaks down to: FF #157, GSFF #4, MTIO #8, MTU #32, MTIO #9, FF #158.
     The Miracle Man last appeared in FF #139, and next appears in Defenders #120. Wyatt Wingfoot appears here between FF #144 and Marvel Team-Up #32; also appearing is his home, the Konohoti Indian Reservation, and various fellow tribespeople.
     With all those traditional FF friends (and foe), I almost forgot the Ghost Rider. He appears here between Ghost Rider issues #11 and #12.
     Also seen here is the FF's Pogo Plane.

Things of Interest:
      Unforgettable images: the Thing and the Ghost Rider disguised as wise men and riding camels ---

     The next advertised guest issue for next issue is wrong again. Iron Fist is advertised, and Thor is really next issue's guest.
     This actually isn't a great issue- I'd probably only give it about a one-and-a-half rating, but the few great humor moments really raise it up in my eyes to the rating that I gave it...
     This issue was apparently reprinted in "The Original Ghost Rider #19".
     There's a fun review of the issue out there on the web at, though you'll need to page down a little bit to get there. Find another review at
     In the "how anal can you get" category: Wyatt Wingfoot's tribe is the Keewazi, not Konohoti. However, in many if not most cases in reality, multiple tribes were forced onto one reservation, so it is possible to be of the Keewazi tribe on the Konohoti reservation, or for both names to be used by differing resources. The bigger problem comes in other issues placing the tribe in Oklahoma (it's in Arizona here, which seems to be the most common), but you're on your own for that one!
      Original art from your editor's collection: Christmas with the FF. Ben, Alicia, Medusa (of the Inhumans, briefly an FFer), Johnny Storm (Human Torch), Sue Richards (Invisible Girl), Franklin Richards, Wundarr, Namorita, Annie Christopher.