Marvel Two-in-One #1: Vengeance of the Molecule Man!

Writer: Steve Gerber
Penciller: Gil Kane
Inker: Joe Sinnott
Letterer: Jean Izzo
Colorist: G. Roussos
Editor: Roy Thomas

The Guest Star:

The Villain:
      The Molecule Man's son (really!)

Guest Shots:
      The Molecule Man

The Set Up:
      Hoofin' it home from last issue (Marvel Feature 12), Ben is waiting in a bus station in Devil's Tongue, New Mexico when he reads a magazine with a cover story about the Man-Thing. Annoyed that the Man-Thing is copying his name, Ben hops a bus for the Florida swamps.
     Meanwhile, in a "cosmos other than our own", a dying Molecule Man asks his son to go to Earth and take vengeance on the Fantastic Four for him. The son duplicates dad's experiments, gets himself the Molecule Man powers, takes dad's wand, and departs for earth. Arriving in a swamp instead of New York, he meets the Man-Thing, and drops his wand in shock. He immediately starts to age, and realizes that the time differentials between the worlds means that he needs to constantly use the wand to prevent himself from aging rapidly. With the wand's transportive abilites not working he starts walking off through the swamp for New York, Man-Thing following at a distance.
     Ben has the bus driver drop him off in the middle of the swamp where he immediately, of course, runs into junior...

Clobberin' Time?:
      Not this time.

Petunia's Patch:
      No mention here.

Unofficial Index:
      The Thing last appeared in Marvel Feature #12, and next appears in Fantastic Four #140. The Man-Thing last appeared in a cameo in Avengers #118, and next appears in Adventures into Fear #18.
     This is the only appearance of the Molecule Man's son. The Molecule Man last appeared way back in Fantastic Four #20, and next appears in Iron Man Annual #3.

Things of Interest:
      The wand's teleportative (and other) failures are explained as being due to the effect of the Nexus of Realities which exists in the swamp the Man-Thing lives in.
     Okay, I can't believe I never noticed this- if you look at the little black bar at the top of the cover, the text right to the left of "Marvel Comics Group" very clearly reads "Marvel Two On One." Hmm, kind of gives new meaning to the team-up concept of this book. (My thanks to Einheri, posting at Alvaro's ComicBoards, for pointing this out to me!)
     This issue is cover-dated January, 1974.