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For quite sometime, I swore I wasn't going to do a links page. Well, I'm knuckling under, and here it is. All links here here for my own personal reasons- these are places I tend to visit or use a lot and particularly like. Unless I note otherwise, I make no judgments as to some innate value of these sites, or the implied lack of value of other sites...

Marvel Two-in-One sites:
Marvel Two in One # 76 - Celebration of a Bronze Age Comic Book Classic:
     This was the only other MTIO site on the web. I used to say that so long as he had a site dedicated just to one issue of MTIO, I didn't quite have the most obscurist website out there. Well, the website is now gone, but that link will take you to his original MTIO art collection, which includes an extensive set of original commissions.
Marvel Two-in-One - The Lost Issues:
     The author of this site started out creating his own team-up covers for DC's Brave and the Bold, but as of Nov. 8, 2010, he switched over to MTIO covers. A lot of fun - I recommend it!

Fantastic Four sites:
Comicboards' Fantastic Four Message Board:
     A great place to go if you have Fantastic Four related questions, and a fun place to occasionally chat about MTIO.
FF Plaza: The Pre-History (as preserved on the Way-Back Machine):
     I don't know if I hate this guy or I'm grateful. I read every issue of the FF planning to build an "Annotated Ben Grimm" website. He'd already done the work! Ah, well- he did the annotated stuff, there's still a lot of other things to cover...
365 Days with Ben Grimm:
     Fun blog with 365 ruminations on and revisiting of Ben Grimm's appearances and life.

Marvel Character sites:
The Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe:
     Okay, if you like MTIO, you almost have to like obscure characters by default. Back in the day I even did a very few obscure entries for them myself!

Marvel Universe sites:
The Marvel Chronology Project:
     A completist's dream, and a very useful site for me when I was compiling my own website.
The Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comics Creators:
     Useful for me for determining full names of those creators occasionally identified with only one word. Also a great place for reprint listings.
Mark's Remarks Archive:
     Mark Gruenwald's commentary pages from Marvel comics of the '80s and early '90s. In my opinion, the late Mr. Gruenwald was one of the best things to happen to comic books, ever.

Miscellaneous fun comic sites:
Marvel Value Stamps: The Unofficial Index:
     I enjoyed helping this gentleman out in the early days of his site. He's gone many miles since then, and has built a wonderful tribute to a lost corner of Marvel comics.
The Hostess Page:
     Hostess' comic book ads. Need I say more...
The Periodic Table of Comic Books:
     A study of the periodic table and its elements as used in comic books. A product of the University of Kentucky's Department of Physics.

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