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The Issue-by-Issue Guide to Marvel Two-in-One

Marvel Feature: 1112
Marvel Two-in-One:
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Marvel Two-in-One Annuals: 12 34 56 7
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The Character and Creator Guides to MTIO

Listed alphabetically by Titled Guest Star; All Guest Appearances; Writers, Scripters, and Plotters; Artists; Inkers; Letterers; Colorists; and Editors.

Here's the inevitable Cover Galleries:
Marvel Feature 11 - MTIO 50.
MTIO 51 - MTIO 100 plus Annuals 1-7.
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Your Editor

Here's my collection of Original MTIO (and some non-MTIO) Art.
What I have (about eighty pages total at last count) is there to be seen. Scans are sometimes done by the people I purchased the art from, so quality varies.

[ Reprinted from Fantastic Four #220, pg. 31 ]

This site is an issue by issue guide to Marvel Two-in-One, the Thing team-up comic book produced by Marvel Comics from 1973 to 1983. For the majority of the contents, check out the individual pages linked above.

About the project:

With all The Thing issues reviewed as of late 2007, the site is mostly going to be standing pat for a while, save very minor additions of a sentence or two here and there as the urge strikes me. This project started on April 14th, 2002, and I put the last MTIO issue up on July 4th, 2003, though I still tweak pages now and again. With the series revived in 2017, I will resume reviewing issues for as long as it runs. Happy reading, and feel free to EMail me feedback at

My intent is merely to provide fun summaries for each issue while avoiding spoilers. I also rate each issue on a scale from 0 to 5 (okay, the lowest I'll actually give is one-half), but you'll just have to discover the rankings on your own! FYI, I aim to have an even number of the 109 core issues at each ranking- each ranking should have approximately eleven issues, so all it really means is that, for example, the five star issues are the top ten percent of the issues (in my opinion) and the half-star issues are then the bottom ten percent.

I should also make the common legal note- all characters mentioned or pictured on this page or on any others in this directory are and 1941-2099 Marvel Characters, Inc. All Rights Reserved. These pages are not intended in any way shape or form to impinge on or profit from those property rights. These pages are simply a tribute to the series that got me started reading comics and to that series which I still derive great pleasure from a quarter century later...