Just a vanity page so that there is a central page to all this...

For anybody trying to get in touch, E-Mail me at markoenglish{at}gmail.com.

My name is Mark O'English, and I'm the University Archivist at Washington State University. For work stuff, you'll have to go wandering over there. This page is my non-library life.

Yes, I did indeed first make this page in the late '90s. Thanks for noticing.

The Ever Lovin' Blue-Eyed Home Page, a labor of comic book love (and stress release) which led to my writing for Marvel Comics. First published was the Fantastic Four Encyclopedia (cover price $29.99, but available for less through Amazon), published in November 2004. I also did supporting proofing/editing for 2005's Secret War: from the Files of Nick Fury, and in the credits Marvel listed me as an "Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (level 1)." Can't beat that with a stick! By 2009 I pretty much finished with Marvel work, though there were some things I'd pre-written which came out as late as 2011. I'll direct you elsewhere for the full list of what I wrote for Marvel, as well as some other comics-related publications elsewhere. For my own benefit, a link to my LibraryThing catalog of my personal comics-related library

Okay, yes, this is work, but I take some pride in the first chapter of Leading the Crimson and Gray, published 2019, which gave me the opportunity to research the early days (1890-1893) of the university I work at. I was surprised at how much we didn't know, and how much of what we knew was wrong (or at least incorrectly represented). I had a lot of fun, and am very happy with the result.

mascot I'm a big football fan, and for many years I played Fantasy Football League in a league with some longtime friends with wildly varying success.

The guy at the right was my 1997/98 team mascot (art done by the greatly missed Dave Bradford, the league commissioner)...

My wife is a political junkie, and as we've touristed over the years, we've visited presidential sites. Over time I've built a lengthy map of U.S. Presidential sites, so I'll link that here. Also in progress, albeit slowly, is a map of U.S. Vice-Presidential sites.

Pax BritannicaWhen I had time for playing board games, too many years back, I was a big fan of Pax Britannica, a simulation of the 1880-1914 age of imperialism. I still have a list (probably incluing many broken links) of useful Pax Britannica resources.

Safe Havens has been my favorite comic strip for years, though at this point I'm a once-a-year binge on it, each time the annual compilation books are published.

Also, we have a theatre page, where Lorena and I record all the theatre we've attended since we met at the very first play on the list, Princess Ida...
Princess Ida
In the above photo from that play, Lorena's second from the right, looking shocked...

Middle North Falls We also love to go waterfall hunting. One of our best shots, this is Middle North Falls in Silver Creek Falls State Park (Oregon). That's Lorena under the falls again...


The place I currently work: WSU Libraries, and some places I enjoyed working for: McMenamins and the Pullman Public Library.

Since I have a sports events page and a theatre events page, remembering my very few concerts on a music events page.

Left are teams I root for, with the strong addition of the Seattle Mariners to that list dating back to '99 or so.

I nerdily keep track of the pro sports games I've managed to attend. I also started (and then completed) a quest to visit all 30 major league baseball parks.

<==Something else fun we've done, from our vacation '98. You have to go to Calgary to do it, of course...

Finally, just because I love travel and mapping software: a map of our vacation sites over the years.