MTIO 5    MTIO 8
MTIO 21    MTIO 34
MTIO 35    MTIO 36
MTIO 37    MTIO 39
MTIO 40    MTIO 41
MTIO 46    MTIO 48
MTIO 49    MTIO 59
MTIO 66    MTIO 69
MTIO 74    MTIO 75
MTIO 92    MTIO 98
MTIO 100
Ernie Chan (commiss.)
Dead of Night 11
Fantastic Four 24
Fantastic Four 520
Fred Hembeck II (commiss.)
Chris Giarrusso (sketch)
Mvl. Fanfare 24
Mvl. Fanfare 46
Mvl. Team-Up Ann. 5
Mvl. Team-Up Ann. 5
The Thing 8
Thing 4
Thor Annual 14
Unshelved (sketch)

Battle Scars 4
Cpt. America 310
Cpt. America Ann. 10
Cpt. America 380
Cpt. America 381
Cpt. America 435
Cpt. America 437
Mvl. Team-Up Ann. 5
OHOTMU Master Ed 26
X-Men Ann. 13
Convention sketches
Katie Cook (sketch)

Annih. Conq. - Starlord 4
Fred Hembeck I (sketch)
Justice Lg. of America 142
Silver Surfer Ann 1

Avengers 176
Avengers 324
Avengers v3 22 (colorist)
Mvl. Comics Presents 68
Marvel Fanfare 31
Ms. Marvel 15
OHOTMU Update '89 1
OHOTMU Update '89 7
Pet Avengers 4
Quasar 54
Solo Avengers 17
Squadron Supreme 12
Thom Zahler (sketch)

Marvel Two-in-One 37
Pages 7, 10, 11.

Artist: Ron Wilson
Inker: Pablo Marcos

     Originally, I was just going to buy the last of these three pages, but once my wife pointed out what a nice vignette they make I couldn't resist getting the set (I picked these up in May, 2003). This has been professionally framed and is up on a living room wall (as opposed to the rest of my art, which is downstairs in the basement in my study/comic room area).
     In any case, this set treads a fine line between the bitterly humorous Ben Grimm and the self-pitying Thing. Very often writers slide too far into either extreme and Ben is either depressing to read or way too flippant, but the writer here (Marv Wolfman) really had a nice grasp on Ben. The line-up is my favorite panel from this story (I had a scan of it from the comic book up on the web page long before I saw this for sale), and the fingerprinting is fun, as are the reactions of the various officers. For those true comic fans out there, this took place circa Fantastic Four 190 or so, when the Fantastic Four had just broken up, which is why Ben seems very alone and more depressed than usual.
     As an aside, in case you're wondering, pages 8 and 9 were advertisements, so we're missing nothing here between the first and second pages.

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