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MTIO 100
Ernie Chan (commiss.)
Dead of Night 11
Fantastic Four 24
Fantastic Four 520
Fred Hembeck II (commiss.)
Chris Giarrusso (sketch)
Mvl. Fanfare 24
Mvl. Fanfare 46
Mvl. Team-Up Ann. 5
Mvl. Team-Up Ann. 5
The Thing 8
Thing 4
Thor Annual 14
Unshelved (sketch)

Battle Scars 4
Cpt. America 310
Cpt. America Ann. 10
Cpt. America 380
Cpt. America 381
Cpt. America 435
Cpt. America 437
Mvl. Team-Up Ann. 5
OHOTMU Master Ed 26
X-Men Ann. 13
Convention sketches
Katie Cook (sketch)

Annih. Conq. - Starlord 4
Fred Hembeck I (sketch)
Justice Lg. of America 142
Silver Surfer Ann 1

Avengers 176
Avengers 324
Avengers v3 22 (colorist)
Mvl. Comics Presents 68
Marvel Fanfare 31
Ms. Marvel 15
OHOTMU Update '89 1
OHOTMU Update '89 7
Pet Avengers 4
Quasar 54
Solo Avengers 17
Squadron Supreme 12
Thom Zahler (sketch)

Marvel Two-in-One.
Issue 21, pages 10 & 16.

Artist: Ron Wilson
Inker: Pablo Marcos

     Okay, the top is admittedly not the most exciting of pages (blasphemy- no super-heroes!), but I always figured that I'd never be able to afford one of the ones from this issue that would have the Thing and Doc Savage side by side. Besides, it nicely shows the double-storyline going on side by side in two different time periods here. On the left is Thomas Lightner before his stint in villainy. In his few appearances he has certainly had one of the most diverse careers around...

     I love the second page - interesting panel design with a nice shot of everyone going after him (the small image in the far right of the group scene is indeed Doc Savage - I did end up with a page with both after all!). I love the bullets bending aroung him! In the lower left panel, Blacksun looks really cool here. This is one of those characters who really looks great in just black and white.

     I ran across the top page on EBay in April of 2003. The second page is a longer story - it came up on EBay in June 2005, and I really wanted it, but things got busy and I was unable to put in a bid on the final day. Happily, at least it went to someone I knew would appreciate it, Brian S, a fellow MTIO junkie much bigger into art collection than I am. Cut to November 2006, when a page from MTIO #6 popped up on EBay with what seemed like a slightly-too-low "Buy It Now" price. Though it wasn't a page I was excited about (no Ben, though it had a nice Dr. Strange), I grabbed it before someone without that MTIO-love could. Anyway, MTIO 6 turns out to be one of Brian's favorites, so at my suggestion we ended up swapping pages in February of 2007, with him getting that MTIO 6 page and me getting this MTIO 21 page. Financially, probably a bad deal for me, but I love this particular issue, so I'm fine with that!

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