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MTIO 100
Ernie Chan (commiss.)
Dead of Night 11
Fantastic Four 24
Fantastic Four 520
Fred Hembeck II (commiss.)
Chris Giarrusso (sketch)
Mvl. Fanfare 24
Mvl. Fanfare 46
Mvl. Team-Up Ann. 5
Mvl. Team-Up Ann. 5
The Thing 8
Thing 4
Thor Annual 14
Unshelved (sketch)

Battle Scars 4
Cpt. America 310
Cpt. America Ann. 10
Cpt. America 380
Cpt. America 381
Cpt. America 435
Cpt. America 437
Mvl. Team-Up Ann. 5
OHOTMU Master Ed 26
X-Men Ann. 13
Convention sketches
Katie Cook (sketch)

Annih. Conq. - Starlord 4
Fred Hembeck I (sketch)
Justice Lg. of America 142
Silver Surfer Ann 1

Avengers 176
Avengers 324
Avengers v3 22 (colorist)
Mvl. Comics Presents 68
Marvel Fanfare 31
Ms. Marvel 15
OHOTMU Update '89 1
OHOTMU Update '89 7
Pet Avengers 4
Quasar 54
Solo Avengers 17
Squadron Supreme 12
Thom Zahler (sketch)

Fantastic Four.
Issue 24, page 18.

Artist: Salvador Larocca
Inker: Arthur Thibert

     I seem to be in a minority, but I loved the Chris Claremont era on the Fantastic Four. While so many writers tell generic "fight the bad guy" stories, Claremont told stories that evolved from and about the FF as people, and they built a great extended family during the time he was on this book. This page was one of my favorite panels during that entire run, and I'm happy to have this one professionally framed and on my wall. Just a great piece which really is the quintessential image, for me, of what Claremont's Fantastic Four was all about.
     You shouldn't even have to ask, but moving clockwise around the table: Franklin Richards, the Thing, Human Torch, Marvel Girl (Valeria Richards), Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Caledonia, Alyssa Moy, and Puppy on the floor.
     This is yet another EBay page, my second most expensive page as I type, but one of those that I feel is well worth the price. I found it in August of 2006; the seller has an online shop: D.O.A. Art, and based on this one experience I highly recommend him.

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