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Thom Zahler (sketch)

Captain America Annual 10, pages 62-63

Artist: Mark Bagley

     Now this is an instant favorite of mine. Once again from a Mark Gruenwald written book, as are most of my non-MTIO pieces.
     The Serpent Society evolved from the third Serpent Squad, which first appeared in Marvel Two-in-One 64-66. They appeared several times in the lengthy Mark Gruenwald run on Captain America, and are probably my all-time favorite group of villains. Finding this two page spread was a great stroke of luck (probably one of very few two page panels of these guys!). Unfortunately, someone has carefully peeled off all the text- I may be in the minority, but I'd prefer the text blurbs to be still attached in the art I purchase.
     I purchased this from Fanfare Sports & Entertainment in September of 2003.
     For your edification, the snakes are:
     Left to right in front: Black Racer; Fer-de-Lance; Rock Python; Rattler; Black Mamba; King Cobra; Asp; Bushmaster; Coachwhip; Cottonmouth; Boomslang.
     Clockwise in back at pillar, starting at the left: Anaconda; Copperhead; Puff Adder.
     Left to right portraits on wall: Sidewinder; Diamondback; Death Adder; Princess Python; Constrictor; Viper.

     Come mid-2008, the MTIO 76 Guy sent me a link to something which I kind of loved, and subsequently managed to pick up myself in 2011: Jason W. Gavin's commission by Katie Cook based on this page. One word: cute!.

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